Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

    Software List

    Following on from the principles used in the previous Section, shown overleaf is a list of the major software products available within the UK and the organisations that supply them. Again the headings used to group the products are an outline rather than hard and fast differentiations. The aim is to allow readers to identify what products are in a similar category so they are able (as much as possible) to compare like with like.

    No endorsement is made or implied for any of these products and their capabilities do evolve relatively quickly, so contact the supplier(s) to find out more.

    There are suppliers and products in the Guide which are not shown in these tables, this is because they do not have a UK office. However you might still use their services depending upon the geographic location of your project. The advice, as ever, is read the Software and Suppliers section and evaluate each supplier’s offering.

    NOTE: Provided in this section is only a snapshot of key software. Visit the Software Knowledge Base for a complete listing of suppliers.

    Software By Supplier #

    Product-UK Supplier(s)

    Collection #

    • Cellebrite: Aon, Cellebrite, CYFOR, Epiq, Espion, FRP.
    • FTK: Access Data, A&M, Aon, CYFOR, Epiq, FRP, IT Group.
    • Guidance EnCase: Aon, CCL Group, CYFOR, Epiq, FRP, Integreon, IT Group.

    Processing and Early Case/Data Assessment #

    • Digital Reef: TransPerfect Legal Solutions.
    • ICE: Consilio
    • In Control: Ankura.
    • Index Engines: Deloitte, Integreon.
    • Intella: Aon, IT Group
    • IPRO (eCapture): Anexsys, Espion, Integreon, Legastat.
    • KOFAX Capture: Legastat.
    • Law PreDiscovery: AlixPartners, A&M, Ankura, Legastat.
    • DART: Insurgo.
    • Nuix: AlixPartners, A&M, Aon, Consilio, CYFOR, Deloitte, Espion, Epiq, Ernst & Young, Grant Thornton, Inventus, KPMG, Legastat, PwC.
    • Relativity Processor: Consilio
    • TRACS/Invenire/LEAR: SullivanStrickler

    Review & Analytic Tools #

    • BrainSpace: Consilio, Epiq, Morae Global.
    • Concordance FYI: AlixPartners, Anexsys, Integreon, Legastat.
    • NexLP: Epiq
    • Relativity: AlixPartners, A&M, Anexsys, Ankura, Aon, BDO, Consilio, CYFOR, Deloitte, DTI, Epiq, Ernst & Young, FRA, FRP, Grant Thornton, IDS: Legal, Integreon, Inventus, IT Group, KLDiscovery, LDM Global, Lighthouse eDiscovery, LINEAL, London Legal, PwC, QuisLex, SullivanStrickler, TransPerfect Legal Solutions
    • Ringtail: FTI Consulting, Grant Thornton, QuisLex.
    • Sightline: Consilio
    • Xera: Integreon

    “All in One Products” (Both ECA and Review) #

    • AccessData: AccessData
    • Consilio Product Suite: Consilio
    • Deal Interactive: TransPerfect
    • DocuMatrix: Epiq Systems, QuisLex.
    • eTriumTM:Control Risks
    • Review: KrolLDiscovery, QuisLex.
    • Exego: Planet Data
    • Exterro: Exterro
    • Integreon Tools: Integreon
    • Intelligent Voice: 36Brains, Anexsys, Ankura, BDO, Complete Discovery Source, Consilio, Critical Data, HaystackID, Legility, Lighthouse eDiscovery, Morae Global, ProSearch, PwC, ZyLAB
    • OpenText Axcelerate: Legastat, Opentext.
    • Servient: Servient (UK)
    • Veritas eDiscovery Platform: A&M, Ankura, CYFOR, Deloitte, Espion, Ernst & Young, Grant Thornton, KPMG, LINEAL, Veritas.
    • Viewpoint: LDM Global, QuisLex.
    • ZyLAB: ZyLAB

    Digital Audio / Video Review Tools #

    • Intelligent Voice: 36Brains, Anexsys, Ankura, BDO, Complete Discovery Source, Consilio, Critical Data, HaystackID, Legility, Lighthouse eDiscovery, Morae Global, ProSearch, PwC, ZyLAB
    • Nexidia: CYFOR, Consilio, Deloitte, KPMG.

    Translation Tools #

    • Language Weaver: Language Weaver (Iconic Translation Machines)
    • Lionbridge: Lionbridge

    Pre and Trial Room Systems #

    • BundleDocs: BundleDocs
    • CaseLines: Part of Thomson Reuters
    • ExhibitManager: Causasoft LLC
    • Magnum: Opus 2 International
    • TMX: Epiq
    • XBundle: XBundle
    • Zylpha: Zylpha Solutions

    Software By EDRM Function #

    The following table “maps” the different software offering to the areas of the EDRM model that they cover. This is not an exact science and you should check with vendors to obtain their viewpoint on where they sit and the facilities they offer.


    Collection #

    • Cellebrite
    • Exterro
    • FTK
    • Guidance EnCase
    • Servient O365/Google Workspace
    • UFED

    Processing #

    • Chat eDiscovery
    • AccessData
    • DART
    • Cicayda
    • Digital Reef
    • Consilio
    • Index Engines
    • DISCO
    • IPRO eCapture
    • DocuMatrix
    • Relativity Processor
    • Review
    • Kofax
    • eTrium
    • LAW
    • Everlaw
    • Nuix
    • Exterro
    • Proprietary Systems
    • Integreon Tools

    Review/Analysis #

    • CaseLogistix
    • Intella
    • Analysis
    • Concordance
    • Intelligent Voice
    • Nalytics
    • OpenText Axcelerate Suite
    • Nuix Discover
    • Servient
    • Relativity
    • Veritas eDiscovery Platform
    • Sightline
    • Viewpoint
    • ZyLAB

    Presentation/BundleDocs #

    • Magnum
    • eBundles
    • CaseLines
    • Zylpha
    • ExhibitManager
    • XBundle
    • TMX