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Exterro Software Suite (Includes FTK)

Vendor Name: Exterro

Key Contacts:

Simon Whitburn

Address: Exterro UK Limited, 40 – 42 Parker Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5PQ

Company Website:

Company Description:
Exterro offers a fully integrated Legal GRC platform automating privacy, legal operations, digital investigations, cybersecurity response, compliance, and information governance. It provides solutions to the world’s largest organizations, law enforcement, and government agencies to work smarter and more efficiently.


  • Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery
  • Legal Hold, Office 365 Explorer, E-Discovery Data Management
  • Exterro Review, Smart ECA, Smart Labeling
  • Data Source Discovery, Project Management, Employee Change Monitor
  • File Analysis, FTK® (Forensic Toolkit), FTK® Central, Connect, Lab, Enterprise
  • Smart Data Inventory, Data Discovery, Data Retention, Data Subject Access Requests, Consent, Smart Breach Review

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