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Vendor Name: Level Legal

Key Contacts:

Brad Cope
Phone: 214.727.0333

Address: 2401 Cedar Springs Rd, Suite 110, Dallas, TX 75201

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Company Description:

Level Legal, located in Dallas, Texas, specializes in forensics, eDiscovery, managed review, and consulting services for law firms and corporations. They have been providing exceptional services since 2009 and are well-known for their industry-leading customer service and concierge approach to outsourced legal services. They are dedicated to solving eDiscovery challenges by emphasizing the human element in legal problem-solving and providing exceptional experiences.


  • Forensics: Digital data collection, forensic analysis, and expert testimony provided for cases involving up to 1300 custodians. Consulting engagements include the White House, Harvard University, and New Scotland Yard.
  • eDiscovery: Workflow consulting, user training, data processing, hosting platform optimization, data analytics, data production, and data reporting — all designed to eliminate uncertainty in decision-making.
  • Managed review: Expertise in scoping and alignment, workflow expertise, reporting, and retrospective assessments for data ranging from one megabyte to petabytes and beyond – all with customer-driven service as demonstrated by their high Net Promoter Score
  • Consulting: Consultants provide assessments, training, and strategic recommendations. They use creative yet practical problem-solving approaches and clearly communicate insights to help their customers succeed.

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