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Right Discovery

Vendor Name: Right Discovery

Key Contacts:

Kevin Clark, CEO
Mobile: 469.704.9552

Royce Roshen, Principal
Mobile: 972.207.1441

Dominic Harwood, Director of eDiscovery
Mobile: (469) 686-5141

Address: 3400 N Central Expressway Suite 110-213, Richardson, TX 75080

Company Website:

Company Description:
RIGHT DISCOVERY, founded in 2019, specializes in transforming legal processes through partnership-driven eDiscovery experiences. They offer tailored litigation and staffing solutions to law firms and corporations of varying sizes, combining advisory and managed services with cutting-edge, cloud-native technology.

RIGHT DISCOVERY provides a range of specialized eDiscovery services, including:

  • Forensics: Certified forensic specialists for meticulous data collection and consulting.
  • Hosting Solutions: Secure, accessible, and collaborative cloud-based discovery environments.
  • Managed Review: Advanced analytics and scalable review support.
  • eDiscovery Staffing: Supplying legal personnel for various business needs.
  • Trial Preparation: Comprehensive eDiscovery process support and trial preparation.

Software Offerings:

  • Everlaw: Advanced eDiscovery technology for efficient truth discovery.
  • RelativityOne: AI-driven technology for data management and protection.
  • Opus2: Collaboration and security-focused platform for legal professionals.
  • Rocket: Streamlined browser-based application for digital investigations.

RIGHT DISCOVERY emphasizes a partnership approach, ensuring an exceptional client experience with seamless integration of technology and services. They cater to the unique requirements of their clients, providing scalable and efficient solutions throughout the eDiscovery lifecycle.

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