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Vendor Name: Beagle

Key Contacts:

Sergey Demyanov
Contact Number: +1 (424) 410-9360

Address: 347 Henry St Apt 4B, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

Company Website:

Company Description:
Founded in 2021 by Sergey Demyanov, Maksim Ivanov, and a third co-founder, Beagle is an AI-native platform for e-Discovery that simplifies document collection, analysis, and exchange in legal disputes and investigations. The platform, designed and developed by a cross-industry team, focuses on user-centricity, efficiency, and the elimination of pain points in e-Discovery processes. Beagle’s tagline is “Cruelty-Free eDiscovery”.

Beagle’s offerings include cutting-edge AI capabilities powered by the latest LLMs, a user-centric UX/UI, Beagle Autotagging for identifying responsiveness and issues, intuitive and user-driven software, and high-quality search features with natural language question-answering. Their services emphasize efficiency, flexibility, and a smooth user experience. They also provide features like automatic generation of privilege logs, identification of links in documents, grouping of related documents, and transparent pricing.

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