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Law In Order

Vendor Name: Law In Order Pty Ltd

Key Contacts:

Murali Baddula, Chief Digital Officer
Email: murali.baddula@lawinorder.com
Phone: +61466 999 144

Address: Level 3, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

Company Website: www.lawinorder.com

Company Description:
Law In Order is a provider of end-to-end document and digital solutions for legal process outsourcing. They offer a variety of services and technologies, including eDiscovery, digital forensics, court reporting, and legal technology support.


  • eDiscoTech™: Automates eDiscovery workflows, supporting various functionalities for efficient data management.
  • PDFPrimer™: Assists with document exchange, review, production, and conversion to PDF format.
  • Aconex Data Collector: Customized for construction project disputes to ensure seamless digital collection and data availability.
  • Smart DeDuper: A tool designed to address the challenges of uncommon data types and duplicates within electronic information.

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