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100+ eDiscovery Resources: An Abridged Overview #

In the complex and data-intensive world cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery professionals face daily, keeping up-to-date on the latest eDiscovery trends and technologies can be challenging. Add to that challenge the expanding ecosystem of protocols, providers, and people, and knowing where to start and what sources you can trust can be difficult at best and daunting in most cases. That’s why ComplexDiscovery has developed a sampling of over 100 key industry informational resources that may help cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery professionals stay informed. This non-exhaustive* list is designed to serve as a trusted starting point for individuals seeking information related to eDiscovery. 

Resources provided in this abridged resource overview cover a wide range of topics, including analyst and research firms, industry associations and groups, directories and buyers guides, and news and commentary resources. While not all-inclusive, the list provides a comprehensive overview of many vital resources available to those seeking to listen to, learn from, and leverage the collective knowledge and expertise of the eDiscovery community. 

Whether looking to stay up-to-date on eDiscovery best practices, explore potential vendors, or enhance your knowledge and skills, the abridged overview of eDiscovery resources hopefully will help you navigate the eDiscovery ecosystem.

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Resource Listing*

10 Analyst, Research, and Review Firms #

10 Associations, Consortiums, and Groups #

10 Information and Research Resources #

10 Directories, Buyers Guide, and Survey Resources #

10 News, Announcement, and Commentary Resources #

10 Industry Blogs #

10 Education, Webcast, and Podcast Resources #

10 Industry Authors (JD Supra 2023) #

10+ eDiscovery Provider Websites #

10+ Additional Resources #

*The list provided in this resource overview is non-all-inclusive, as many excellent resources beyond this list are worthy of consideration, exploratory analysis, and use. This list provides a starting point and overview of some of the most widely recognized and reputable eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information governance resources. The list provided also represents the latest Readers’ Choice Awards winners in eDiscovery by JD Supra. While this list showcases some of the most widely read and respected authors in the field, it is not an exhaustive list, and many other excellent authors and resources are available in the eDiscovery community. Additionally, the list of websites provided in this resource overview is intended to offer an example of provider websites available to eDiscovery professionals. For a more comprehensive view of industry providers, please refer to the Directories and Buyers Guide Resources section, which offers a broader range of resources and information.

Legal IT Insider #

The Legal IT Insider is one of the UK’s leading media, information and communications organisation in legal IT. More details here:

The Legal Tech Talent Network #

Legal Tech Talent Network is a consulting firm servicing organizations and professionals involved in legal technology. Owned and operated by Litigation Support Careers, Inc., LTTN endeavors to capitalize on the extensive network built by LSC since launching the industry’s first eDiscovery job board and professional development resource center in 2007. (David Netzer)

The e-Disclosure Information Project #

The e-Disclosure Information Project is run by Chris Dale, a former commercial litigation partner turned e-Disclosure consultant. The Project aims to bring together lawyers, suppliers, courts and corporations with an interest in electronic disclosure, and to disseminate information about the court rules, the problems and the software and services available to handle them. It has an excellent resources section here.

The BONG! Emails (Jonathan Maas) #

Jonathan Maas from Maas Consulting provides, in his words, an “informal, occasional and personal selection of recent international eDisclosure/eDiscovery/legal IT/data protection/interesting news/articles” via his BONG! emails (named after the headlines on the main evening TV news in the UK, on which headlines are read out between strikes (bongs) of Big Ben). To find out more, or to subscribe, please contact Jonathan on

eDiscoveryToday (US Site) #

The eDiscoveryToday site is run by Doug Austin, and aims to be a daily go-to resource for eDiscovery and eDisclosure professionals seeking to keep up with trends, best practices and case law in electronic discovery, cybersecurity and data privacy.

Another highly recommended site.

Clive Freedman (eDisclosure Web Site) #

Clive Freedman maintains a website relating to electronic disclosure (mainly from an English perspective).

Clive is a Barrister of 3 Verulam Buildings, Gray’s Inn, London, England. He was a member of the Working Party chaired by Senior Master Whitaker which was set up by the Civil Procedure Rule Committee, and which prepared drafts of Civil Procedure Rules Practice Direction 31B and the Electronic Documents Questionnaire. He also contributed to the TeCSA eDisclosure Protocol for use in the TCC.

The website can be found here. Note that from September 2018 onwards this became a static resource and is not being updated as Clive is focusing on his GDPR website.

Civil Evidence for Practitioners #

The fourth edition of “Civil Evidence for Practitioners” written by Professor Peter Hibbert, published by Sweet & Maxwell, is now out, with chapters in eDisclosure making significant use of the TCC protocol and its supporting material, find it here.

Electronic Disclosure – Law and Practice #

This book by Michael Wheater and Charles Raffin from Hardwicke Chambers provides exactly what it says in the title. Though a pilot of proposed changes to CPR will take place in 2019/20, there is much still in this book to warrant a read. In their own words:

  • A detailed guide to the complex issues surrounding eDisclosure presented in an accessible and user-friendly format
  • The first work of its kind to offer comprehensive analysis of the developing law on electronic disclosure combined with practical advice focusing on electronic disclosure and related document production in practice; a complex and fast-growing area of evidence gathering and review
  • A fully up to date examination of the relevant procedural guidelines and case-law in this area
      The 2018 eDiscovery Buyers Guide (US Focus)

In their own words:

“Legal technology professionals Brett Burney and Chelsey Lambert have released the 2018 eDiscovery Buyers Guide – a shopper’s handbook and educational resource for solo to mid-sized law firms. The Guide was designed to serve as a shopper’s handbook for solo to mid-sized law firms in search of options that fit their budget and average case size. Free to download, the e-book is divided into the primary product and service categories seen in the litigation support process which includes hosted solutions, SaaS platforms, social media evidence capture, service providers, utilities and more.

The ILTA eDisclosure Data Exchange Protocol #

During 2018/19 the author was part of a working group from the UK ILTA litigation support Special Interest Group (SIG) that produced a best practice data exchange protocol and associated guidelines. The driving reason for this project was the fact that the previously mentioned disclosure pilot as set out in Practice Direction 51U, now in force in many UK civil courts, requires completion of a Disclosure Review Document. Among other things, the DRD requires parties to agree how they will transfer information between them in the disclosure process.

The matters to be agreed are set out in Section 3 of Appendix 2 to the Practice Direction, and specifically in paragraphs 6 (7) – (11). The aim of the ILTA protocol is to address those requirements and provide information and education on the factors to be considered in the guidelines.

The protocol incorporates feedback from a number of eDisclosure suppliers and is endorsed by many more, as well as being used by various law firms. You can see all those involved in the project and download the documents from the ILTA website.

That Tech Pod (US Podcast) #

Company Description: That Tech Pod is a technology media company featuring a weekly podcast on eDiscovery, cybersecurity, data privacy, and tech innovations.  Every Tuesday, hosts Laura & Gabi bring on heavy hitters in the industry to break down those topics. Guests range from lawyers, to CEO’s, to data scientists and beyond. That Tech Pod is an educational non-biased podcast bringing fun into technology, Learn more at

The TCC Legal/EDRM Timeline* #

TCC Legal:EDRM Timeline

*Historical Overview circa 2013.

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