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Vendor Name: iCONECT

Key Contacts:

Cathy Monaghan
Email: |
Phone: +44 16 2237 0588 | +1 519.645.1663

Address: 2 Bathurst, London, ON CANADA, N6B 3R2

Company Website:

Company Description:
iCONECT develops advanced legal review software to assist law firms, corporations, and government agencies in managing complex review projects more cost-effectively. Celebrated for over two decades of innovation, iCONECT focuses on creating intuitive, powerful tools for managing big data in the cloud or on-premise globally.

iCONECT v10, their latest platform, offers features like Oversight for misclassified document identification, CAL (Continuous Active Learning) platform for document prioritization, and COVER for PII, PHI sensitive data identification, report generation, and redaction to comply with CCPA and GDPR standards.

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