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eDiscovery AI

Vendor Name: eDiscovery AI

Key Contacts:

Naima Rahmaoui
Phone: 415 712 4316

Address: 7760 France Ave S, Bloomfield, MN 55435, USA

Company Website:

Company Description:
eDiscovery AI introduces an advanced AI-driven approach to the eDiscovery process, offering a significant improvement in document management efficiency. With precision and recall accuracy surpassing traditional methods, eDiscovery AI ensures compliance through features like customized document summaries, privilege reviews, and PII reviews.


  • AI-Powered Document Review
  • Sensitive PII/PHI Data Scan
  • Privilege Review and Logging
  • Automated Document Summaries
  • CAL Model Training
  • Document Review Quality Control
  • Replacing Document Review with AI
  • Document Review AI Assistant
  • Early Assessment
  • Foreign Language Detection
  • White Glove Support Service

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