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Vendor Name: CYFOR

Key Contacts:

Lawrie Hall (Director)
Phone: +44 (0) 207 438 2045

Address: Becket House, Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DD

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Company Description:
CYFOR, established in 2002, specializes in eDiscovery and advanced Digital Forensic services, covering litigation, dispute resolution, and various investigations. Their expertise lies in combining forensic data collection techniques with advanced eDiscovery workflows, utilizing technology such as data analytics and processing across the eDiscovery lifecycle. They are known for their bespoke solutions in multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional matters with time-critical deadlines and are ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited.

CYFOR offers a complete range of eDiscovery services, including all phases of the EDRM, from forensic extraction to production. Their services extend to law firms, corporate clients, regulatory bodies, and government agencies, with a portfolio that includes Early Case Assessment, Forensic Data Collection, Document Review, Technology Assisted Review (TAR), Data Analytics & Processing, and Secure Data Hosting. They are also equipped for fixed quoting, forensic data collection, document review, processing, and secure data hosting, with technologies like Relativity and Nuix for comprehensive digital forensic services.

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2023 Guide – CYFOR Legal eDiscovery Company Brochure

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