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ModeOne Technologies

Vendor Name: ModeOne Technologies Inc.

Key Contacts:

Matthew Rasmussen, Founder & CEO
Phone: (949) 449-0116

Address: 14811 Featherhill Road, Tustin, CA 94780, USA

Company Website:

Company Description:
Founded in 2022, ModeOne Technologies offers an innovative, automated, fully remote mobile data acquisition solution with global reach. Their patented SaaS framework targets, collects, and reviews emerging digital data and short-message chat information. They provide a data acquisition solution that does not require physical mobile collection kits or onsite forensics personnel. ModeOne supports various clients, including litigation services providers, law firms, corporations, government entities, law enforcement agencies, and cybersecurity services firms.

ModeOne’s SaaS framework enables truly remote and automated data collection from Apple iOS and Android smartphones for compliance and investigation purposes, without needing physical collection kits or onsite technicians. They focus on targeting only relevant data, ensuring the privacy of individual custodians. Services include licensing agreements or per-phone collection options, and partnership opportunities with service providers for technology integration.

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